We Love God.

we Love People.

We aim to inspire the hearts and souls of everyday people to live a life that is full of passion and discovery. Our desire is for people to realize that each day provides new, magnificent opportunities to grow, to learn, and to be joyful. Honoring God and People with everything that we do is our highest and most important value.

Justin Jacob Fountain



I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Four years ago, I dropped out of college because I had no vision or direction for what I was studying at the time. in the fall of 2016, I finally felt like I had some clarity of where to direct my passion and drive... I risked it all to pursue a dream of starting a video production company to inspire people through the art of film.

I love God and people above all other things.

In the years ive spent on planet earth, ive learned that God is super friendly & loves to do life with me. Ive also learned that the best adventures in life include people. And it Turns out, Jesus makes a great adventure buddie. To me, life is just one big epic journey of discovery where we get to give our lives back to the creator who made it all. I am passionate about good, healthy community and the wild, wonderful outdoors... And I most definitely love to feed my soul with good music

AJ Fountain

Co-Owner/Business Development Director


Brother in crime.  As a relationship driven person I have been privileged to fulfill that inner desire on this quest with Stoked Ember by connecting with people and telling their compelling stories through film.  Bringing an entrepreneurial background I inspire to build a platform for Stoked Ember’s story to grow and be told around the world.

I’m a huge fan of kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking and camping.  So Colorado is the perfect spot for me to be. I also love good beer, music, and community.  So if I’m not in the woods with my dog, Marlowe, enjoying those things, then I’m probably kickin' it in our awesome little town here in Fort Collins, CO. I feel blessed to pursue so many of my passions, but loving Jesus and people is my greatest joy of all.  No two days are the same when you're in a relationship with Jesus, and there is opportunity everywhere for beauty and hope.  to walk with the light of the heaven makes life a grand adventure..